I am a sound designer and composer based in London.  My time is split between working in my own studio, freelancing at facilities in town, and recording/supervising on location.  I am an experienced Pro Tools and Logic Pro editor, mixer and trainer.

After completing a music production course at Confetti Studios in Nottingham and a choral scholarship at St Martin-in-the-Fields, I began working for one of London’s biggest audio facilities, remaining there for a period of over 7 years.  I now work from my own studio in Tooting, or wherever a project takes me.

I have worked on sound design and music for a number of national and international advertising campaigns, animations and short films, notably in 2011 creating music and sound design for the double Promax winning (best long form and best on air campaign) and BAFTA nominated ‘I Love Art’ series; in 2009 creating music and sound effects for the BAFTA, Promax Gold and Unicef short film award winning Nickelodeon ‘See Something Say Something’ campaign; in 2008 I was nominated for best sound design at the Aerials for BBH’s Audi A4 ‘Lights; in 2006 winning a D&AD pencil, Creative Circle Gold and Aerial award for the BBH/ITV radio campaign ‘Killer Katy’.

My long form experience includes editing and mixing episodes of ‘Time Trumpet’ and ‘The Thick Of It’ directed by Armando Iannucci, mixing and foley on ‘Part of the Weekend Never Dies’ – the feature length biopic of 2Manydjs and Soulwax, and sound design and mix for director Tim Meara’s documentary ‘In Search Of The Messiah’.

I have worked as a sound designer and editor on many short films including ‘Finkle’s Odyssey’ the critically acclaimed short film directed by Barney Clay, ‘Liar’ and ‘Juvenile’ directed by China Moo Young, and ‘Come Here Today’ produced by Sadie Frost.

I regularly work on location and in addition to various multitrack recorders (Sound Devices/Apogee Symphony/Tascam) I have a selection of vintage and modern microphones from DPA, Sennheiser, Schoeps, Brauner and Electrovoice, plus two Micron Explorer 100 radio mic kits.  I have been fortunate enough to record hippos, chickens, tribesmen, massive sheets of glass, school choirs and Mariachi bands to name a few, from Central Africa to Stepney City Farm.
  1. Adrian Bannister said:

    Hi Will, finding it tough to verify, but is it one of your tracks that makes the new Lexus GS ‘Creating Amazing’ tv ad? If so, is it available somehow/somewhere? Thanks in advance. Best Wishes. Ade.

    • Hi Adrian, yes it is, and it’s called ‘Relentless’ rather than ‘Rentless’ as wrongly reported elsewhere.

  2. Adrian Bannister said:

    Thanks very much Will. I thought ‘Rentless’ sounded a bit odd when I read it in a YouTube comment. Sorry to ask again, but is there any way I could get hold of a copy/buy it as an mp3 or something? Thanks again for replying. Best Wishes. Ade.

  3. Chris said:

    Hi Will I have the same question as above is there any way to get an mp3 copy or something similiar of ‘Relentless’. Heard it tonigh on the Lexus ad and it sounds terrific. Thanks Chris

  4. Chris Komenda said:

    Adrian’s not the only one who’d like a copy of that track, Will; there seems to be a following of people looking for that track (myself included). Are you going to be making an album or releasing Relentless as a single or download?

  5. Rob Morton said:

    I would like to buy this track too if possible, but don’t do Itunes, is there any way I can get hold of it? Thanks for any help or advice,

  6. Thanks for all your kind words – the track was commissioned and the full length 60 second version is as much as there ever was. Regarding mp3s, I am afraid Lexus own it exclusively so you would need to ask them!

  7. Chris Komenda said:

    Ok then… what would it take to get a lengthened version, or are you planning an album? The story of this track reminds me of Trevor Rabin’s “The Throb” from the Gone in 60 Seconds score in the sense that it lasts a liitle more than a minute; and should be 5. That and it was commissioned for a movie, and will likely never be heard again in it’s deserved entirety. Lexus UK credits you with the music. You’re getting a fanbase which wants more…what’s it going to take?

  8. Adrian Bannister said:

    I’ve tried tweeting Lexus ( @OfficialLexusUK ) but no joy and here is the ‘response’ I received to my email enquiry…

    “Thank you for your email to Lexus.

    In response to your query we are delighted to hear that you are impressed with the New GS ‘Creating Amazing’ campaign. Lexus takes great pride in its vehicles that it manufacturers and in the positive feedback it receives from its customers in relation to them.

    Unfortunately whilst the music forms part of a current Lexus marketing campaign this piece of music is not avaliable for general release. Hopefully this has not dampened your interest in what we are certain is an excellent vehicle.

    To this end I have requested that an E-Brochure of the New Generation GS is sent to your email.

    I trust this information is of use to you. If I can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact me, using one of the methods shown below.

    Yours sincerely

    Lauren Taylor”

    Great huh?

    It seems such a shame to me that this great piece of music is now lost to us all, including Will !


  9. Rob Morton said:

    A couple of years ago I really liked the tune “Fibre Optic” by Ross Gregory, it was specially written for a Lexus ad, but somehow he managed to release a longer version on Itunes, which I bought. Still hoping Will can do the same, really like this tune a lot!

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