Guardian – Three Little Pigs!

I just finished the sound design and mix for this, check it out:

It was great to be involved from the start – building a sound bed from the storyboards before the film was shot, recording all the dialogue dialogue and sound effects, through to mixing the final tv versions and supervising the cinema mix (by Jamie Roden at Goldcrest).

I worked closely with Sam Brock (head of radio at BBH) throughout the creation of the sound design, initially recording dialogue with my location kit around London and working remotely from my own studio.  For the final dialogue recordings and sound effects work I dry hired a fantastic sounding Pro Tools room at Goldcrest Post attended by the whole creative team.

  1. Johnny Lance said:

    This ad had Will Cohen written all over it. Really nice work.

  2. Nicole Ehlers said:

    I am sorry to be that person asking random and semi-irrelevant questions but I have been trying to figure out/ search for the building at 01:33. I am an English teacher and I am doing advertising with my class and I want to use the ad for them to analyse.

    • Hey! That’s ok… not sure though – I will ask for you.

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