1. Mo Dalton said:

    Slick add, the music production is top notch. You should think about extending it and put it up for general release.(if your contract allows it) I’d buy it.

  2. Ron Pye said:

    Love the track, where can I download it from?

  3. Colin Fitz said:

    Same here, love it 🙂

  4. dave said:

    luv it would like to hear a full lenght if possible???

  5. Sonofabeach said:

    excellent work! cant get it out of my head. Was trying to find out if this was a snippet from a bigger song and was hoping to download it! more of the same please!

  6. Chris Komenda said:

    So that’s the minute long feature with no voice. Brilliant. Now for a 3-5 minute long version…

  7. The International Man of Mystery said:

    I am so disappointed that this is not a full lenth tune, it would be a belter.

  8. Girish chandrasekhar said:

    brilliant work! first time i saw the ad i wanted to find out if the music was snippet from a song and my search led me here! great sound! would definitely buy an extended version

  9. djhowie said:

    Quality track that! Goosebump job everytime the advert comes on. Good choice of name too. Lt looks like we are all wanting to hear a longer version ;o)

  10. Steve said:

    Excellent music – reminds me of Kraftwerk and ‘the Dignity of Labour’ by Human League – but modern. Do you plan to release it?

  11. Benjamin said:

    Loving your work Sir. Would definitely be interested in purchasing this or future works of similar sound should you ever put on general release. As I type this the ad has just come on the TV… Amazing

  12. Rosscoah said:

    Quality track! Agree with the previous comments, you should def think about making an extended version of this available…………gutted it’s only a short piece.

  13. Verity said:

    Little bit late on commenting on this – but love love this music!! I agree longer version would be great. Talented man Will….

  14. Andy Reynolds said:

    Please please please please release a longer version of this! Exceptional! Love listening to it.

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