Moving coils and binaural spectacles!

I have just got a couple of new mics, a pair of hydrophones so I can do some underwater tests I have planned, and a really cool induction coil pickup – it basically amplifies electromagnetic activity, really simple and sounds awesome, if you like that kinda thing.  Anyway here’s a quick vid off my phone of my first test running the little feller over the rack in the studio I was working in today – the constant interference is my Tascam dr40 chirping away, I reckon if I use a better adaptor and a decent preamp I can cut that stuff out… anyway in this context it sounds kinda nice:

[vimeo 65910742]

Earlier in the week I was doing a test for something and was using the incredible Neumann KU-100 binaural head… bit of a pain to wield the thing around and so I made these, the most stylish specs you ever darn seen eh… it’s a pair of DPA 4060s stuck with Rycote Undercovers – missing the ear canal aspect but gives a really nice 3D depth to the recording – demos to come at some point when I get time to do something interesting with them:

binaural specs

  1. Hemraj said:

    First of all, awesome work!!! Some really mind (ear) blowing stuffs.
    Secondly, im on my way to try so documentary in South Africa, im versatile in video, but concerning the audio part, well, is it possible to record clear sound from a distance about 500m to 1km, if yes, what mic or equipment u propose.

    • Hey thanks! Regarding your questions, it depends on what you are recording and the location, but generally I would start with a shotgun microphone for exterior work – I have used Sennheiser mkh-60 and mkh-416 mics but many consider the Schoeps CMIT to be the best. I have a Schoeps CCM41 (hyper-cardiod) and love Schoeps mics – if you have the budget look at the CMIT, otherwise maybe look online e.g.

      If you are looking for a focused recording with maximum rejection of off-axis sound from the environment, have a read up on parabolic reflector microphone systems – there is a lot of information out there. You could make your own one fairly cheaply too if you have a reasonable quality cardiod microphone and some time.

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