My talented friend Adam Jeffcoat (of Studio NX) is involved in an exciting project, a fully animated comic book for ios and android tablets.  It’s a smart idea, and what they have created already is pretty awesome.

I did some sound design for the trailer, creating some demon wind, beast noises, power sword blasts, etc etc, and it’s got the booming tones of Lewis McLeod on it to boot, recorded in the boiling heat of my old studio in Marylebone last summer.

Check it out and see if you can pledge any hard cash to help them finish the project, I reckon they are going to make something pretty special:


I recently finished this promo for director Anthony Dickenson – the challenge in the brief was to make it sound like a pre concert tune-up, unmusical but in a constructive way…

[vimeo 39361256]

Most of the sound from the shoot was stripped out and re-recorded in my home studio.  The tune-up was rebuilt using guitars, valve distortion, and pulling drum and keyboard sounds from my sampler.  I close mic’ed some of my own gear to get the thick switch noises and brought this foley along the musical elements together in Pro Tools.

I took the session to Soho Square Studios where I did the final mix with Red Bee and Rainey Kelly in attendance.

Luc Janin from Annex films directed this amazing piece of stop frame poster magic.  It was a trailer for a series of concerts run at the Roundhouse in London called the ‘BBC Electric Proms’.

[vimeo 39361644]

One of the concepts behind the Electric Proms series was that bands, choirs and orchestras that didn’t usually perform together were being amalgamated for the concerts.  I tried to replicate this by mashing the music together within the sound design to create mixes that were out of the ordinary, but still worked… you be the judge!